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this year's recipientS


We're excited to announce that this year's Sneaker Ball Lex minority organization recipients will be LEX Project Prom and
Sneakers With Everything Project, Inc.

Prom is often seen as a privilege instead of a once in a lifetime moment for our teens; perpetuating excitement, boosting self-confidence, celebrating themselves, their friends and the end of high school. It's a time to experience positivity and not focus on home, life, or financial situations that cause apprehension. LEX Project Prom is a non-profit organization formed for this purpose. They are determined to help under-resourced students experience this high school luxury, because every student is worthy of this cherished moment.


Created in 2010, Asona McMullen was inspired and motivated by an act of kindness her grandmother did for her high school classmate—she agreed to use the money intended for Asona's prom to help her classmate attend their senior prom. Now, Asona and the LEX Project Prom team work with Fayette County Youth Service Counselors to provide gender inclusive full prom packages with dresses, tuxedos, dinner accommodations, beauty and grooming services, free for all students who register. LEX Project Prom provides a positive memory of prom without the burden of finances preventing the possibility, and a chance to change a students' entire perspective of what they deserve in their lives.



In addition to the success of Sneaker Ball Lex, the formation of Sneakers With Everything Project, Inc. was completed. Sneakers With Everything Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that uses sneaker culture to provide a creative skill building summer program and an in-school monthly mental health awareness club for underserved high school students of color. Encouraging sole expressions, supporting healthy mentals, and improving self-confidence are important; because Sneakerheads involved in building a community, dedicated to laying groundwork in support of prioritizing well-rounded emotional wellness is the movement.

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