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this year's recipient

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To kick off our purpose, we are happy to announce this year's Sneaker Ball Lex minority organization recipient!

In 2017, Brittany Campbell founded Strengthening Transformations Inc. in Versailles, KY after encountering several challenges in her past, making it her mission to help women and girls who have been through the same. She was a teen mother at age 17, her Aunt's life was taken tragically due to domestic violence, and her childhood friend suffered from decade-long substance abuse ultimately losing her battle with addiction in November 2020.

Strengthening Transformations Inc. has always kept its core passion for giving back to the women and families in the Versailles area, now expanded into Fayette and Franklin counties, with plans to help on a statewide scope. Although currently operating at a smaller level, the organization has been very effective and committed to growth.  Strengthening Transformations, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that advocates, mentors and educates women and girls through workshops and community partnerships, believing that empowerment is the key to breaking negative generational cycles and strengthening foundations.

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Strengthening Transformations Inc.


Proceeds will enable Strengthening Transformations, Inc. to continue providing support, resources, empowerment, and community partnerships to the women and girls they serve. A percentage of the proceeds will go directly to them for their needs:

  • Purchasing of backpacks, school supplies for the annual backpack giveaway/school bash

  • Purchasing of travel size toiletries signature Look Good, Feel Good bags for kids and adults who attend Friendship Fest

  • Contribute to Young Mothers Luncheon

  • Create additional workshops and community events geared toward empowering women and girls

  • Contribute to the "It Ends And Also Begins With Me" scholarship toward college, trade school, certification programs, etc

  • Help purchase items for "Plant A Seed Recovery" kits

  • Contribute to the annual self-care/trauma recovery retreat, Patricia's Hearts To Heal for women and girls